Information for Contractors
If you're looking to "build tight and insulate right", Oklahoma Foam Insulation & Roofing has the products, experience and certifications to get the job done right the first time. Services include:
  • Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation
    • Commercial, Residential, Agricultural
  • Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation
    • Commercial, Residential
  • Intumescent Coatings (fire retardant)
  • Acoustical Insulation & Soundproofing
  • Insulation Removal
    • Renovations, Rehabs & Retrofits
  • Complete envelope air sealing service
    • Blower Door testing
Oklahoma Foam Insulation & Roofing, LLC is an independent, family-owned insulation contractor which allows us to select the finest products from the most respected manufacturers and suppliers in the industry.

Seven reasons to use spray foam on your next project...
  1. Best Building Practice

    Good building practices are those that provide direct benefits to owners and occupants. Spray Foam insulation reduces a building's carbon footprint, saves owners money on energy expenses, improves indoor air quality and creates a comfortable draft free home.

  2. Mold

    Black mold has been linked to serious illnesses and significant property damage including sick building syndrome. The presence of any mold in a home significantly increases health risks associated with asthma and allergies. Spray Foam Insulation stops the flow of air and eliminates the moisture necessary for mold growth.

    Many builders liability policies specifically exclude defense against mold claims.

  3. Easy

    Spray Foam Insulation is applied after close-in inspection just like other insulation. We arrive on site with a self contained spray rig and most residential insulation jobs are finished in one or two days.

  4. Energy Tax Credits

    Various federal, state and local tax credits and funding opportunities are available to builers who achieve certain energy benchmarks in the finished building system.

  5. Health & Safety

    Fiberglass insulation has been identified as a carcinogenic material. Microscopic airborn glass fibers are a health risk to workers and present financial risk to builders and those responsible for keeping workers safe. Spray Foamis installed by trained professionals wearing appropriate safety gear.

  6. Reduce HVAC system sze

    Smaller HVAC systems are faster and easier to install, cost less to operate.

  7. Happy Customers = More Jobs

    Referrals come from happy customers. Happy customers live in warm, cozy, energy efficient and draft free homes.